Therapy Trends: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Standing out in a crowded market

What the future holds

Over the next few years, the global Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) market is expected to grow from $18.6 billion in 2012 to $26.0 billion in 2017. The continued uptake of anti-TNFs, expanded use of other biologics, and the introduction of Pfizer’s US approved oral therapy Xeljanz (tofacitinib) will drive sales in this lucrative indication. So what are the key factors impacting the current and future changes? And is there room for your product in this crowded arena?

The next five years

Gain instant access to an accurate, unbiased, qualitative review of the latest treatment trends, and five-year quantitative RA market forecast with FirstWord’s Therapy Trends: Rheumatoid Arthritis. This comprehensive FirstWord research is available to you in two modules: KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook.

In addition, both Therapy Trends modules provide you with ‘live’ updates on the potential impact of the latest key market RA events over the next 12 months. You’ll receive these directly, within days of each event’s occurrence.

KOL Insight

KOL Insight Report

  • A concise, qualitative KOL analysis of the current and predicted treatment trends, clinical products and commercial changes in the global RA market
  • Compare the market’s key players, algorithms, late-stage pipeline drugs, product positioning, and new modes of action

Event Bulletins

  • Access the latest KOL views about possible changes in RA treatment trends, in response to each major RA market event

Consensus Outlook

Consensus Report

  • An in-depth 5-year Consensus Outlook report of predicted quantitative changes in key RA market forecast parameters
  • Chart RA market size, product sales, market share by company, competitive status and detailed market forecasts

Analytics File

  • Review an interactive Excel market analytics module of detailed market and product sales data from 2007 to 2017

Learn more about the benefits of KOL Insight

Learn more about Consensus Outlook

  • KOL Insight: Rheumatoid Arthritis module is compiled from exclusive interviews with 12 leading Rheumatoid Arthritis KOLs from the US and Europe
  • Consensus Outlook: Rheumatoid Arthritis module presents you with a data analysis module, annual historical and forecast product-level sales data from an average of leading equity analysts’ projections
Your Critical Questions Answered
  • Which key factors are driving RA drugs up the treatment algorithm?
  • What will be the positioning and impact of Xeljanz on the market?
  • What does the Phase III OSKIRA results mean for Rigel’s fostamatinib?
  • How are biologics (Orencia, Rituxan, Actemra) affecting the market?
  • Could new anti-TNFs (Cimzia, Simponi) threaten first-line Humira?
  • How do late-stage pipeline products compare with existing brands?
  • What are the unmet clinical needs for RA physicians and patients?
  • What strategies are companies using to position new RA agents?
  • What are the strengths and flaws of oral, IV and SC arthritis agents?
  • How could biosimilars erode current anti-TNF market shares?
  • What are the market share forecasts by class and company?
  • What will be the key future events that will impact future sales revenue?
  • What and when will be the positive and negative events that will impact the market? How will future dynamics in the RA armamentarium unfold compared to historical trends?

The Deliverables

Therapy Trends KOL Insight: Rheumatoid Arthritis analyses the current and predicted key issues, clinical advances and late-stage pipeline products in the international and US RA markets. KOL Insight gives you qualitative, inside information from exclusive FirstWord interviews with 12 key opinion leaders (KOLs) in Europe and the US through the following:

  • KOL Insight Report — an in-depth analytical report on RA treatment trends
  • Full report updates — issued to you after each major RA market event
  • Event Bulletins — the latest KOL views in response to each event
Key Report Features
  • Assessment of leading Rheumatoid Arthritis market brands
  • Analysis of late-stage pipeline therapies
  • Predicted market growth in the US and key market regions
  • Unmet clinical needs in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Main factors likely to affect market share of RA drugs in major markets
  • The impact of new product entrants and modes of action
  • Predicted KOL treatment trends and market leaders
  • Ongoing FirstWord RA clinical and market updates
Event Bulletins

Additionally, Therapy Trends offers you on-going KOL Event Bulletins during the next 12 months. These will cover the latest KOL views on the impact of major RA market events, such as new clinical study results, product approvals and drug withdrawals. FirstWord will deliver these bulletins to you within days of a significant news event.

KOL Insight Benefits
  • Recognise the key unmet needs of each disease market
  • Identify the challenges facing future disease management
  • Learn about specific disease products by class and sub-class
  • Review predicted prescribing trends
  • Learn about late-stage pipeline products
  • Identify current treatment prescribing practices and future treatment algorithms
Key Quotes

“Rheumatoid arthritis is a crowded market place. Manufacturers see themselves taking over 20 percent of the marketplace, and I think that’s probably unrealistic. I see more of a gradual uptake in three to five years, unless something emerges that’s very unique in the literature.” US Key Opinion Leader

“With AstraZeneca throwing in the towel now it is not looking good for fostamatinib and Rigel.”  European Key Opinion Leader

“The key challenge is finding out how to use the new and existing rheumatoid treatments in the best possible combinations and in the optimal sequence.” European Key Opinion Leader

“Xeljanz’s approval is great; this gives us another drug with another mechanism of action. It has the advantage of being the first-to-market and also the first oral therapy, which patients clearly require.” US Key Opinion Leader

“The CHMP, the committee on human medicinal products, has given negative advice for the approval of tofacitinib and then it’s EMA that ratifies it Tofacitinib is now not going to be approved by the EMA for use in the European Community” European Key Opinion Leader

The Deliverables

Analyse the latest global RA market players and products, and start mapping your future market parameters with Therapy Trends’ Consensus Outlook: Rheumatoid Arthritis, which includes the following comprehensive resources:

  • An in-depth 5-year forecast report based on analyst consensus
  • Detailed data spreadsheets comparing critical market parameters
  • Regular updates over the next 12 months, after major market events
Consensus Outlook Module Features
  • Historical RA sales from 2007–2012
  • Forecast RA sales from 2013-2017
  • Key competitors and drug developers
  • Predicted product positioning
  • Current and late-stage pipeline drugs
  • Future event mapping to forecast data points
  • Comparative clinical trial results
Meticulous Methodology

Consensus Outlook: Rheumatoid Arthritis is a data analysis module compiled from meticulous FirstWord research. Its historical sales data (2007–12) is based on company information. The five-year (2013-17) product level sales forecasts are consensus projections derived from a comprehensive selection of continually assessed equity research reports.

This Consensus Outlook collates and evaluates the latest relevant reports and forecasts published by leading equity research analysts. This information is fed into the Therapy Trends Forecast model to give unbiased consensus forecasts.

Overall, this module offers you independent, unbiased, accurate forecasts from leading financial institutions with the most intimate commercial knowledge of the competitive players and products in this disease sector.

Forecast Spreadsheets

Save valuable time by focusing on FirstWord’s 5-year RA forecast data with our detailed Excel spreadsheets. Consensus Outlook: Rheumatoid Arthritis allows you to quickly compare various market parameters by:

  • Market size
  • International and US markets
  • Product sales
  • Brand, company and drug class
  • Company forecasts
  • Mechanism of action
Consensus Updates

Stay one step ahead of your competition with FirstWord’s Consensus Outlook updates. Receive these directly over the next 12 months, following major RA market events, within days of each event’s occurrence.

Consensus Outlook Benefits:
  • Chart predicted market growth and product sales
  • Map your own market parameters
  • Tailor your strategic and investment focus
  • Assess your current and future sales resources
  • Set proactive launches and branding strategies
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KOLs >

  • Professor of Rheumatology, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  • Professor of Medicine, Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Charité University Hospital, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
  • Professor of Rheumatology and Head of Musculoskeletal Disease, University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, UK
  • Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, US
  • Professor of Medicine, Director of Research, Centre for Rheumatology, Albany, New York, US
  • Professor of Rheumatology, University of Oslo; Head of Dept of Rheumatology, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Oslo, Norway
  • Professor of Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, US.
  • Director of Rheumatology, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, US
  • Clinical Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology Division, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, US
  • Head of the Division of Rheumatology, Medizinische Poliklinik, University in Munich, Germany
  • Senior Physician, Karolinska University Hospital, Assoc Professor of Rheumatology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • US MD and expert in the Rheumatoid Arthritis industry

Analysts >

Therapy Trends forecasts for each product are produced in terms of sales revenue. Sales forecasts for both marketed and pipeline products are created from an average from equity research analysts’ projections. A consensus forecast for each product is derived from a number of brokers, including:
  • Barclays Capital
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Goldman & Sachs
  • International Strategy & Investment
  • Jefferies
  • JP Morgan
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan & Stanley
  • Stifel Nicolaus
  • UBS
  • Wells Fargo

Products Covered >

  • Actemra
  • Cimzia
  • Enbrel
  • Fostamatinib
  • Humira
  • Orencia
  • Remicade
  • Rituxan
  • Secukinumab
  • Simponi
  • Xeljanz

Companies Covered >

  • Abbott
  • Amgen
  • AstraZeneca
  • Biogen Idec
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Chugai
  • Eisai
  • Genentech
  • Janssen Biotech
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Merck & Co.
  • Mitsubishi Tanabe
  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • Rigel Pharmaceuticals
  • Roche
  • Takeda
  • UCB

KOL Insight

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Consensus Outlook

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— - Content Highlights - —
KOL Insights Consensus Outlook
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Current Rheumatoid Arthritis marketplace
    > Rheumatoid Arthritis overview
    > Current treatment landscape
    > Reimbursement of key Rheumatoid Arthritis brands
    > Unmet needs in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Current therapies
    > Pivotal trial data of approved therapies
    > Anti-TNF overview
    > Enbrel (etanercept; Amgen/Takeda)
    > Humira (adalimumab; Abbott/Eisai)
    > Remicade (infliximab; Janssen Biotech/Johnson & Johnson/Merck & Co./Mitsubishi Tanabe)
    > Simponi (golimumab; Janssen Biotech/Johnson & Johnson/Merck & Co./Mitsubishi Tanabe)
    > Cimzia (certolizumab; UCB)
    > Other approved therapies
    > Xeljanz (Tofacitinib; Pfizer/Takeda) treatment trends
    > Orencia (abatacept; Bristol-Myers Squibb)
    > Rituxan/MabThera (rituximab; Genentech/Biogen Idec/Roche/Chugai)
    > Actemra/RoActemra (tocilizumab; Chugai/Roche)
    > Current treatment algorithm
  • Pipeline therapies
    > Fostamatinib disodium (R788; Rigel Pharmaceuticals)
    > Secukinumab (AIN457; Novartis) treatment trends
    > Future treatment algorithm
  • Future developments in Rheumatoid Arthritis
    > Novel targets in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
    > Biosimilar threat is imminent
    > Eventual development of biomarkers will aid treatment
    > Patient recruitment will be harder for developers
    > Clinical trials will have to evolve in the future
    > KOL biographies
    > KOLs from North America
    > KOLs from Europe
  • FirstWord Analysis Highlights
  • Research Methodology
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Marketplace
  • Key Rheumatoid Arthritis Developers
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Class Dynamics
  • Xeljanz (tofacitinib; Pfizer/Takeda) forecast
  • Humira (adalimumab; Abbott/Eisai) forecast
  • Remicade (infliximab; Janssen Biotech/Johnson & Johnson/Merck & Co./Mitsubishi Tanabe) forecast
  • Enbrel (etanercept; Amgen/Takeda) forecast
  • Simponi (golimumab; Janssen Biotech/Johnson & Johnson/Merck & Co./Mitsubishi Tanabe) forecast
  • Cimzia (certolizumab; UCB) forecast
  • Orencia (abatacept; Bristol-Myers Squibb) forecast
  • Rituxan/MabThera (rituximab; Genentech/Biogen Idec/Roche/Chugai) forecast
  • Actemra/RoActemra (tocilizumab; Chugai/Roche) forecast
  • Secukinumab (AIN457; Novartis) forecast

Clinical and Commercial Benefits

Expand your clinical and commercial intelligence with FirstWord’s Therapy Trends. This information is produced from a range of unmatched industry resources, including panels of leading KOLs, and FirstWord’s extensive medical media network. Therapy Trends offers you clear, accurate, unbiased information through two modules: KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook.

Unrivalled Resources

Our unique disease selection matrix pinpoints those disease sectors of the highest commercial potential, and draws information from multiple sources, including:

  • Exclusive views from leading global experts
  • Comprehensive consensus research
  • Live dispatches and critical industry data
  • Online opinions from 535,000 vetted physicians
  • Data from over 125 medical conferences each year
  • Over 2,000 peer-reviewed medical journals
  • Over 450 pharmaceutical news sources
Latest Updates

Both the KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook modules also reflect the most up-to-date assessment of the pharmaceutical market, and are regularly updated to reflect a broad spectrum of events, which range from the publication of quarterly financial results to in-depth discussions with leading key opinion leaders (KOLs).

So Therapy Trends allows you to review the current and projected status of each disease sector over the next 12 months to suit your clinical development, financial planning and market access needs.

KOL Insight Module

Publication date:
 June 2013

Consensus Outlook Module

Publication date:
 June 2013
 PDF + Excel

FormatExcel 2007 or higher compatible. 97-03 and Mac versions delivered on request.

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KOL Insight Benefits

  • Assess predicted RA market changes
  • Evaluate first to fourth-line RA drugs
  • Review the threat of biologics and biosimilars
  • Analyse expected prescribing trends
  • Learn about late-stage pipeline products
  • Compare new SC, IV and oral RA drugs
  • Track KOL views for the next 12 months

Consensus Outlook Benefits

  • Evaluate future sales forecasts
  • Map your market parameters
  • Chart your commercial prospects
  • Review predicted market growth
  • Assess market share by company
  • Compare your competition
  • Stay ahead with market data updates
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Informing users in:

  • Business development
  • New product planning
  • Strategic brand planning
  • Market research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Forecasting and market analytics
  • Medical affairs
  • Clinical trials
  • Relationship management
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • Sales