Closing the Loop: Beyond Digital Detailing

Imagine this: Nearly all the puzzle pieces are in place. The picture is clear, but not yet finished. One part remains. But no matter how you try, something stops it from fitting it in place.

For the pharmaceutical industry, that last piece of the puzzle—Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)—can’t complete the picture without one final step. While industries everywhere have successfully adopted CLM to improve sales, adjust product to demand and develop marketing to suit consumers by ‘closing the loop’ or testing results, the pharmaceutical industry lags behind.

Yet there is no doubt that ‘closing the loop’ is just what the industry needs to do, as pharmaceutical marketing in mature and emerging markets alike becomes tougher, more regulated and therefore harder to penetrate. As many are turning to multiple channels, digital technology and digital detailing to get their message across, full implementation of CLM has yet to occur.

The question is why? There are many answers: insufficient digital experience in dealing with the mass of information gathered, lack of industry commitment to resources and incomplete vision of what—and where—CLM could go.

In Closing the Loop: Beyond Digital Detailing, FirstWord examines the current situation with CLM in the industry, and discovers just why the push towards using this innovative tool has stalled. Based on excellent research and extensive interviews with some of the most compelling voices in pharma marketing, the report details the industry’s stumbling blocks to successfully implementing CLM, offers a vision of how it can be used on a daily basis to improve sales, and suggests practical steps to achieving it. The report includes vital charts, metrics and a fascinating case study.

The report offers insights into:

  • Compelling interviews with leaders in pharma marketing
  • A vision for how CLM testing can lead to a more dynamic sales environment

Key features

  • A full breakdown of the five basic steps in implementing CLM
  • How CLM is used, including obstacles and a comparative analysis of US versus European experiences
  • A roadmap to full CLM implementation, from pilot to deployment
  • A review of data collection and analysis
  • Metrics to measure return on investment
  • A case study of Bayer’s CLM programme

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Publication date:
 November, 2010
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Key quotes from the report

CLM is not about devices. CLM is about relationship-building using data gleaned from customer interactions through various communication channels to support the continuous refining of relationships. The selection of the channel and the device to reach that channel should be driven by customer preference and/or customer receptivity.” Richie Bavasso, president of Exploria SPS

People don’t know where to put CLM within a company. It is not IT, nor is not communications. It affects everything. CLM is about optimizing communications with target audiences be they doctors, patients or payers.” Christoph Ferse, Head of Global E-Excellence, Grunenthal

Content Highlights

  • Executive Summary
  • The story of Closed-Loop Marketing
    > Declining access to doctors
    > Putting the customer at the centre
  • Closed-loop marketing: Definition and steps
    > What is CLM?
    > Five basic steps
    > CLM stakeholders
  • How CLM is used within the industry
    > Uptake slow but getting there
    > Uptake of CLM in US vs Europe
    > Structural obstacles to uptake
    > Operational obstacles
  • The road to a CLM programme
  • Test it and see
  • From pilot to full deployment
    > Training the sales force
    > The importance of content
    > Multichannel marketing
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
    > Analytical team
  • Insight generation
    > Customising the message
    > Closing the loop
    > Predictive modelling
  • Metrics to measure return on investment
  • Learning from other industries
  • Case study: Bayer goes global
  • Looking to the future
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index