The Medical Device Outlook in Emerging Markets
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This report provides detailed analysis of the healthcare environment in various emerging nations: each emerging nation’s medical device market size; continuously evolving healthcare regulations; growth opportunities unique to each country with respect to the medical device market; business-related trends and opportunities unique to each emerging country. rbmd0004

Features and benefits

  • Learn from the business strategies followed by prominent medical devices companies that operate successfully in emerging nations.
  • Understand government initiatives and exploit opportunities that would optimize device production costs.
  • Analyze the growth opportunities that expanded medical device markets in emerging nations.
  • Compare the different healthcare environment in respect to regulations, reimbursements, medical insurance, and product distribution network


Global demand for medical devices is being driven by increasing expenditures on healthcare in the developing markets, construction of hospitals and clinics, and establishment of public/private health insurance. Medical device companies recognize that they must look increasingly at developing countries to drive growth.

The largest markets for medical devices in the world are the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia. Europe will continue to be the largest regional export market for the US medical device companies due to high per capita income in European countries and a favorable regulatory environment.

China is increasingly a target market for international companies to offshore high-technology medical devices in light of China’s large population and strong economic growth. China is the second largest market for US medical device exports in Asia (after Japan), with exports of about $1.8bn in 2009.

Your key questions answered

  • What was the market size for medical devices in emerging markets in 2009?
  • How are multinational companies addressing the challenges encountered in marketing medical devices?
  • How are health insurance and reimbursement policies evolving in emerging markets?
  • What are the key trends observed in emerging markets?
  • What are the growth opportunities for medical devices in emerging countries?
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 August, 2010
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  • About Business Insights
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    > What is this report about?
    > Methodology
  • Emerging markets overview
    > Summary
    > Introduction
    > Classification of emerging markets
    > Impact of middle-class growth in BRIC
    > BRIC versus global competition
    > Effect of FCPA on the global medical device market
  • China
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Other emerging medical device markets
    > Mexico
    > Turkey
    > Chile
    > Argentina
    > Vietnam
  • Appendix